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R.Performance Overview


R.Performance streamlines the performance management and development process by providing employees, managers and HR with real-time online access to a single source of data, eliminating the need to manually complete forms. Access is via a secure login, and managers have access only to employees for whom they have been granted permission.


R.Performance is an efficient and highly effective alternative to paper-based performance development, planning and assessment. You do not need to modify your process to fit with the solution as R.Performance can be completely configured to reflect your terminology, workflow and approach.


R.Performance provides managers with access to all the information and tools required to undertake performance reviews including performance criteria (e.g. objectives, goals, KPIs etc), behavioural criteria (e.g. values, competencies), development planning, peer feedback, employee self-assessment and manager assessment. The system supports multiple workflows from ad-hoc reviews to quarterly, half-year and annual performance reviews.

R.Performance Key Benefits

R.Performance can be used out of the box or utilise your existing templates, approach and workflow.

  • Enables you to easily set up and manage multiple review types
  • Incorporates goal management, alignment and tracking
  • Provides clarity around the process and accountability for outcomes
  • Enables and supports development planning
  • Includes optional 360-degree feedback and feedback from external sources
  • Allows you to utilise and build a library of your competencies, values and behaviours
  • Provides real-time reporting to track the review process, identify and analyse performance
  • Provides a centralised, secure performance history archive
  • Includes email notification and reminders
  • Ensures secure online access at any time and from any location
  • Integrates with our online salary review tool - R.Review


R.Performance Key Outcomes

R.Performance can be used out of the box or utilise your existing templates, approach and workflow.

  • Allows you to focus on pro-active performance planning rather than reactive assessment of what has occurred in the past
  • Improves transparency around the role performance and development plays in aligning individuals with organisational goals
  • Increases ownership of performance and development plans by employees
  • Improves clarity of the process and accountability for outcomes
  • Streamlines workflow and improves visibility at each stage of the process


Rnie demonstrating Remesys software on laptop



Bupa Quotes

“Remesys provide exceptional support through the development, implementation and application of their products. With their help we were able to implement a Performance Management System within a very short timeframe, providing a fully customised Scorecard designed specifically for our business. The support they continue to provide as this system is utilised by the business cannot be faulted, and is a large part of the success of the package.”

David Loci
HR Senior Analyst, HR Operations

“From a strategic outcomes perspective, our pay for performance approach has been considerably strengthened through the incorporation of R. Performance, where we can ensure mutual agreement of all objectives, regular performance discussions and feedback, and robust career planning & development. With all elements of performance planning now transparent to the HR Operations team, we have the ability to specifically target managers in the business in need of coaching, and work with them on increasing the quality of performance plans.”

Donna Dorey
Head of HR Operations