RNews July 2015

R.News July 2015

stone ageWelcome to the July edition of R.News. This month examines the benefits of implementing software to replace the tedious process of managing salary reviews using spreadsheets. The caveman image posted recently on LinkedIn had us reminiscing back to 2004 when we founded Remesys and embarked on a task of educating the market that there was a better way to manage remuneration reviews, other than slicing, dicing and distributing spreadsheets.

Thankfully, today many organisations now recognise the benefits of an online salary review solution. Remesys is proud of our success across the region and of our growing client base. We have some R.Review clients who ensure that, before accepting a new job, the organisation has already implemented or is willing to implement R.Review.

This month's R.News aims to provide further insight into the benefits an online remuneration solution can provide to those organisations still using spreadsheets to manage this extremely important process. We have included a case study from GrainCorp outlining their experiences and outcomes, an article on 8 Reasons to Automate Your Salary Review Process, and information on how to build a business case.

We would be happy to meet with you and take you through the incredible benefits you can realise for your organisation using R.Review.

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The GrainCorp Experience

Before implementing R.Review, GrainCorp used extremely complex spreadsheets to manage both their remuneration and incentive review processes. Each year the remuneration team would spend a significant amount of time creating spreadsheets using data extracted from multiple payrolls and related systems. GrainCorp evaluated the market and selected Remesys as their technology partner, and implemented R.Review to streamline the process. After implementing the solution, feedback was gathered from both management and the HR community. The feedback shared similar themes - a user-friendly system, significant time savings and improved control and auditability of the process. Comments included:

  • Excellent system, fantastic shift from prior year, very easy, straight forward, split tasks/ responsibilities, great reporting.
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8 Reasons to Automate Your Salary Review Process

HR departments are embracing online technology in order to streamline processes, maximise efficiency and empower employees. Yet many organisations are still using a cumbersome spreadsheet-based process to manage their annual salary reviews. By automating the process using R.Review, you will realise a number of benefits.

Reduced Errors

If you are using an excel-based process to complete your annual salary reviews, then you have probably experienced the frustrations of slicing, dicing and recompiling spreadsheets, as well as dealing with spreadsheets that have been re-sorted, unprotected or copied and pasted by managers. An online solution with a single source of data, that provides managers with role based access to their team’s information, immediately removes these issues, and can significantly reduce data errors and omissions.

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R.Review Building a Business Case

Building a business case for implementing an online system to manage your company salary review process should be easy given the considerable amount of time and effort involved in this processs, the frustrations encountered undertaking spreadsheet-based salary reviews and the significant impact of this process on an organisation’s bottom line and on employee engagement.

Unfortunately, although those involved in a remuneration review know too well what is involved, in most cases those who hold the purse strings often only see the end result not the months of effort and hours put in beforehand. As such you most likely will need to build a business case and provide evidence of return on investment (Download the ROI Calculator) before others can fully recognise what you already know - that a system will not only benefit you but also your managers and the broader organisation.

2015 HR Awards Congratulations

hrawards congratulationsThe Australian HR Awards celebrate excellence in the HR Profession, recognising individuals, teams and companies for their outstanding achievements in people management. Congratulations to Deborah Lowe, ClearView Wealth, nominated for Australian Director of the Year. Congratulations also to our other clients - Foxtel and Canon Australia.


The recent R.Network event in Sydney - The Future of Performance Management was a huge success much in part to our fantastic panel. Thanks very much to AMP for hosting the event and thanks to Deborah Lowe from ClearView, Kama-Jade Ghosn from GrainCorp, Jane Ogg from Perpetual and Chloe Hawcroft from AMP for their great insights.

All attendees benefited from the sharing of knowledge and experiences. It was very interesting to learn that Senior HR Leaders across various organisations are now listing Performance Management as one of their Top 3 priorities. Next month's newsletter will focus on performance management including interviews from clients on how implementing R.Performance has improved their performance management process.