RNews Nov 2015

Welcome to the November edition of R.News

Dilbert on Measurable Objectives
It is November and 2016 is nearly upon us which means it its time to focus on end of year festivities including holidays, end of year parties, long summer nights and lovely warm weather. In this final edition of R.News for 2015 Sabiha Vorajee, our key speaker at the upcoming R.Network events provides her insights on the gender pay gap, we look at setting performance goals and provide advise on purchasing HR Software. We hope to see you at our upcoming R.Network event in Melbourne.

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Planning for the next 12 months.

by Drew Carlisle, Remesys Consultant

It is November, the end of the year is nearly upon us which means. It is time to focus on the fun stuff. Right? Holidays, Christmas parties, long summer nights, lovely warm weather and for some of us, setting up the next 12 months performance plan.

Like Dilbert and his co-workers, I used to struggle to develop meaningful goals that would help guide me through the coming 12 months. Do you use The 5 W’s, Achievable objectives, measurable objectives, SMART or SMARTER goals? Like me, I am sure you have heard of them all, but what do they all mean? From my experience, the simplest, more effective way to break it down is from the SMARTER acronym (hence the clever name!)

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound, Ethical & Relevant

All makes complete sense now, right? Should be really easy to write up well-meaning goals from now on. No? Of course not. If it was as easy as writing up a clever acronym, everyone would be doing it.

Specific – Goals that are specific have a much higher chance of being accomplished.

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Helping to change the paradigm of the pay gap, manager by manager

High Value Woman

by Sabiha Vorajee
CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer),
High Value Woman

As the focus on gender and the pay gap continues to grow, with specific initiatives such the WGEA’s campaign to make regular pay gap analysis and action plans standard business practice, one thing strikes me as very clear.

Having worked in reward and remuneration for almost twenty years internationally with all levels within the organisation to educate and empower both management and employees around pay decisions and outcomes, it is the raising awareness, creating discussion points and then embedding practical strategies and tactics to address the pay gap issues at every step of the way, which I believe really has the power to make a difference.

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Looking to Purchase Talent Management Software?

by Lara Kirschner, Remesys Director

I have just returned from the HR Tech Fest in Las Vegas and it was amazing. Having so many vendors in one place, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Literally, as one of the stands had actually set up a candy store! But seriously, I was amazed at the number of vendors exhibiting. It made me realise how difficult it must be as an HR professional to make a decision on which HR solution to purchase.

The key to purchasing a software solution is to have a good understanding of why you are making the investment. What exactly are your issues and how can the software address these? Things you should consider:

  1. What is wrong with your current process?
  2. Thinking about these issues, which ones are related to the process itself and which ones are related to the technology (or lack thereof)?
  3. What system features are important to you? What are ‘nice to haves’ and what are ‘must haves’?
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